Commit 1a61bc8c authored by Johannes Braun's avatar Johannes Braun
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Merge branch 'renderLayerGui' of into renderLayerGui

parents 640229ef 14c9f556
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......@@ -57,7 +57,8 @@ private:
void drawLightsTab();
void drawRenderingTab();
void drawPreview();
void drawMenuBar();
void drawMenuBar();
void drawTimer();
void processInputsEditor();
void processInputsMain();
void processInputsFields();
......@@ -84,6 +85,10 @@ private:
bool m_mainFocussed = false;
float m_previewScale = 200.f;
float m_windowAspect = 9.f / 16.f;
float m_lastTime;
float m_lastFrameTime = 0;
float m_accTime;
int m_nFrames;
std::unique_ptr<dino::FrameBuffer> m_previewFramebuffer;
std::shared_ptr<dino::Texture> m_previewTexture;
std::shared_ptr<Window> m_window = nullptr;
Subproject commit ef594607829ad6ed2bd462a0ddcbb0ee698b3f4f
Subproject commit da1805f3c0542d6c584eddf627b2ebc34d2ce64d
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