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# Checking out this repository
1. Option: You can download the whole repository as a .zip file using the download button next to clone. This way, you won't be able to easily update changes, but have to redownload everything if something changes
2. Download a git client (https://git-scm.com/downloads or from a package manager in Linux or Mac).
1. Use the GUI version to *clone* an existing repository. You can use the GUI to *pull* changes from the repository without redownloading everything
2. Use the git command line tool. On Windows, it is best to open the command window installed by the client ("git bash"). On Linux or Mac, just use the terminal. In the command line, go to where you want to store the repository. Then type *git clone https://gitlab.uni-koblenz.de/cg/ss20cg2.git* or *git clone git@gitlab.uni-koblenz.de:cg/ss20cg2.git", for the latter version, you must have configured your git's ssh key. This will create a directors ss20cg2 containing the code. You can check and get updates by entering that directory in the command promt and typing *git pull origin master*
# General information
This repository contains a basic project setup.