Commit 39557ac1 authored by Johannes Braun's avatar Johannes Braun

Fix a couple of compiler errors.

parent b5b79337
......@@ -35,8 +35,9 @@ namespace glshader::process::compress::huffman
std::basic_stringstream<uint8_t> stringstream;
template<typename Container, typename = enable_if_container<Container>>
BaseContainer to_container()
std::decay_t<std::remove_const_t<Container>> to_container()
using BaseContainer = std::decay_t<std::remove_const_t<Container>>;
BaseContainer container;
container.resize(stream_length / sizeof(typename BaseContainer::value_type));<uint8_t*>(std::data(container)), std::size(container) * sizeof(typename BaseContainer::value_type));
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