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/homer_mapping/size: 35 #size of one edge of the map in m. map is quadratic
/homer_mapping/resolution: 0.05 #meter per cell
#map config values
/homer_mapping/backside_checking: false #Enable checking to avoid matching front- and backside of obstacles, e.g. walls. Useful when creating high resolution maps
/homer_mapping/obstacle_borders: true #Leaves a small border around obstacles unchanged when inserting a laser scan. Improves stability of generated map
/homer_mapping/measure_sampling_step: 0.15 #Minimum distance in m between two samples for probability calculation
/homer_mapping/laser_scanner/free_reading_distance: 0.8 # Minimum distance in m to be classified as free in case of errorneous measurement
/particlefilter/error_values/rotation_error_rotating: 3.0 #percent
/particlefilter/error_values/rotation_error_translating: 0.0000000001 #degrees per meter
/particlefilter/error_values/translation_error_translating: 2.0 #percent
/particlefilter/error_values/translation_error_rotating: 0.01 #m per degree
/particlefilter/error_values/move_jitter_while_turning: 0.05 #30.0 #m per degree
/particlefilter/hyper_slamfilter/particlefilter_num: 1
/particlefilter/particle_num: 1000
/particlefilter/max_rotation_per_second: 1.0 #maximal rotation in radiants if mapping is performed. if rotation is bigger, mapping is interrupted
/particlefilter/wait_time: 0.08 #minimum time to wait between two slam steps in seconds
#the map is only updated when the robot has turned a minimal angle, has moved a minimal distance or a maximal time has passed
/particlefilter/update_min_move_angle: 5 # degrees
/particlefilter/update_min_move_dist: 0.1 #m
/particlefilter/max_update_interval: 2 #seconds
/selflocalization/scatter_var_xy: 0.05 #m
/selflocalization/scatter_var_theta: 0.2 #radiants
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