Commit 2fcadd9d authored by Niklas Yann Wettengel's avatar Niklas Yann Wettengel
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nh is a pointer

parent b29bc6ca
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ depth_occupancy_map::depth_occupancy_map(ros::NodeHandle* nh)
m_nh = nh;
m_MapSubscriber = nh->subscribe("/map", 1, &depth_occupancy_map::map_callback, this);
std::string scan_topic;
nh.param<std::string>("/homer_scan_topic", scan_topic, "/scan");
nh->param<std::string>("/homer_scan_topic", scan_topic, "/scan");
m_ScanSubscriber = nh->subscribe(scan_topic, 1, &depth_occupancy_map::scan_callback, this);
m_StartNavigationSubscriber = nh->subscribe("/homer_navigation/start_navigation", 3,
&depth_occupancy_map::startNavigationCallback, this);
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