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## homer_object_recognition (indigo) - 0.0.2-0
The packages in the `homer_object_recognition` repository were released into the `indigo` distro by running `/usr/bin/bloom-release --rosdistro indigo --track indigo homer_object_recognition --edit` on `Tue, 15 Sep 2015 11:40:34 -0000`
These packages were released:
- `or_libs`
- `or_msgs`
- `or_nodes`
Version of package(s) in repository `homer_object_recognition`:
- upstream repository:
- release repository: unknown
- rosdistro version: `null`
- old version: `null`
- new version: `0.0.2-0`
Versions of tools used:
- bloom version: `0.5.20`
- catkin_pkg version: `0.2.7`
- rosdep version: `0.11.1`
- rosdistro version: `0.4.1`
- vcstools version: `0.1.36`
- bloom-export-upstream :{vcs_local_uri} :{vcs_type} --tag :{release_tag} --display-uri
:{vcs_uri} --name :{name} --output-dir :{archive_dir_path}
- git-bloom-import-upstream :{archive_path} :{patches} --release-version :{version}
- git-bloom-generate -y rosrelease :{ros_distro} --source upstream -i :{release_inc}
- git-bloom-generate -y rosdebian --prefix release/:{ros_distro} :{ros_distro}
-i :{release_inc}
- git-bloom-generate -y rosrpm --prefix release/:{ros_distro} :{ros_distro} -i
devel_branch: null
last_version: 0.0.2
name: upstream
patches: null
release_inc: '0'
release_repo_url: null
release_tag: :{version}
ros_distro: indigo
vcs_type: git
version: :{auto}
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