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[Navigation Refactoring] Cleaning up structures

Daniel Müller requested to merge refactoring into master


  • Implement laser_obstacle_node which accumulates the last n laser range readings to an nav_msgs/OccupancyGrid for laser obstacle input in planning_node
    • Currently done in follow_path_node for direct obstacle avoidance there
  • Implement follow_path_node containing all steering commands calculated and sent
  • path_planning_node needs to monitor current deviation of /pose from path
    • Recalculate path if too far off
  • Recalculate path if obstacle appears on (or near) path
  • Add state machines and state transitions in planning_node and others
  • Smoothly increase speeds in contrast to current speeds
    • Initial and final ramping
  • Slow down when path curvature is too high in partial path before robot


  • Change goal topic back to /planning_node/target_pose


Edited by Daniel Müller

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