Verified Commit 0668a210 authored by Tobias Frisch's avatar Tobias Frisch
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Fixed validation layer output related to primitive overestimation

Signed-off-by: Tobias Frisch's avatarTobias Frisch <>
parent 89d8cbd8
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......@@ -274,10 +274,13 @@ namespace vkcv
static vk::PipelineRasterizationConservativeStateCreateInfoEXT conservativeRasterization;
if (config.m_UseConservativeRasterization) {
const float overestimationSize = 1.0f - conservativeRasterProperties.primitiveOverestimationSize;
const float maxOverestimationSize = conservativeRasterProperties.maxExtraPrimitiveOverestimationSize;
conservativeRasterization = vk::PipelineRasterizationConservativeStateCreateInfoEXT(
std::max(1 - conservativeRasterProperties.primitiveOverestimationSize, 0.f)
std::min(std::max(overestimationSize, 0.f), maxOverestimationSize)
pipelineRasterizationStateCreateInfo.pNext = &conservativeRasterization;
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