Labels can be applied to issues and merge requests. Group labels are available for any project within the group.
  • Hardware
    Projektrolle Hardwarebeauftragte*r
  • HomeOffice
  • On hold
    Issues, which you shouldn't currently focus on.
  • PLA
    Projektrolle Projektleitungsassistenz
  • bug 🐛
    Use if issue describes or contains a found bug
  • development 💾
    Use for more extensive work (in progress), as e.g. adding some new feature package.
  • documentation 🗒
  • feature_request
  • publicity 📜
  • quality_control 🙈
    Use if issue contains aspects regarding code quality
  • research 🔬
    Use for issues, collecting research information.
  • sponsoring 💰
  • test ⚙
    Use to indicate role "tests" being involved.
  • update ⬆
    Use for components, which are to be updated.
  • web 🌐
    Use to indicate role "web" being involved.