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========== VkCV-0.1.0 ==========

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# Changelog
## [0.1.0]( (2021-12-07)
** Platform support:**
- Linux support (GCC and CLang)
- MacOS support (Apple CLang)
- Windows support (MSVC and MinGW-GCC experimentally)
** New modules:**
- [Asset-Loader](modules/asset_loader/ A VkCV module to load basic assets like models, materials and images
- [Camera](modules/asset_loader/ A VkCV module to manage cameras and their handle view and projection matrices
- [GUI](modules/gui/ A VkCV module to integrate GUI rendering to your application as additional pass
- [Material](modules/material/ A VkCV module to abstract typical kinds of materials for rendering
- [Meshlet](modules/meshlet/ A VkCV module to divide vertex data of a mesh into meshlets
- [Scene](modules/scene/ A VkCV module to load and manage a scene, simplify its rendering and potentially optimize it
- [Shader-Compiler](modules/shader_compiler/ A VkCV module to compile shaders at runtime
- [Upscaling](modules/upscaling/ A VkCV module to upscale images in realtime
** New features:**
- Resizable windows
- Multiple windows and multiple swapchains (window management)
- Dynamically requesting Vulkan features and extensions
- Shader reflection and runtime shader compilation (various shader stages)
- Realtime ray tracing
- Mesh shaders
- Indirect dispatch
- Compute pipelines and compute shaders
- Multiple queues and graphic pipelines
- Bindless textures
- ImGUI support
- Mipmapping
- Logging
- Command buffer synchronization
- Doxygen source code documentation
- Buffer, sampler and image management
- Camera management with gamepad support
- Input event synchronization
- Resource management with handles
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