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Changelog for package homer_msgs
* Activated range image attribute in RGBDFrame msg
* 0.1.10
* added OpenDoor action
* 0.1.9
* Empty action
* 0.1.8
* Merge branch 'homer_person_msg' into 'master'
added unified people srv
See merge request robbie/homer_msgs!4
* added unified people srv
* Merge branch 'homer_person_msg' into 'master'
removed homer prefix
See merge request robbie/homer_msgs!3
* fix
* removed homer prefix
* Merge branch 'homer_person_msg' into 'master'
added unified person msg
See merge request robbie/homer_msgs!2
* added unified person msg
* 0.1.7
* Merge branch 'refactoring/pixel_to_base_link' into 'master'
Refactoring/pixel to base link
See merge request robbie/homer_msgs!1
* Disabled attribute for range image in RGBD frames, as it is not currently used anywhere
* Added range image again to RGBD frame, as it can be used more easily for pixel to depth requests (depth image is already in RGB cam coordinates and resolution to RGB images is identical)
* Fixes for rgbd node
* Updated for pixel_to_base_link functionality in rgbd_node
* Added service for additional rgbd node functionality to receive rgb, depth image and point cloud
* Contributors: Daniel Müller, Lisa, Lukas Buchhold, Niklas Yann Wettengel, Raphael Memmesheimer
0.1.5 (2017-01-10)
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